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Secure your business.

Asterion Solutions Security Testing and Consultancy services are designed to help businesses improve and maintain the level of their security. Our consultants, recognized as experts in technology and security alike, also have a comprehensive understand of business risk in the changing context of our client base.

IT and network infrastructure security services

Maintaining the security of networks, servers, firewalls, VPN gateways, and other critical infrastructure is essential to ensure the protection of an organisation from attack. Asterion Solutions offers a range of services that will identify threat and vulnerability risk to key infrastructure before potential attackers. Asterion Solutions assessment methodologies provide a consistent approach and ensure thorough results are presented to give a clear picture of any infrastructure security exposure.


Identity and access management services

Asterion Solutions portfolio for Identity and Access Management includes products for identity management and access governance, identity analytics and intelligence, Web access management, single sign-on, identity federation and directory services. Asterion Solutions provides all the components needed to manage digital identities – including roles and access rights for all users – and they also monitor and log user activities across distributed applications. Enterprise Identity Management systems manage the digital identities of persons or devices. Authentication, Signature and Encryption Services encompass applications for secure logging in and secure access to resources. Key Management Systems enable the use of encryption technology, and Smart Card Applications provide a secure way of handling paperless, electronic transactions.


Data security services

Asterion Solutions offers consultancy services which ensure that clients' information assets are handled appropriately thus preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability.


Application security services

Application security is one of the most challenging areas to address successfully. The majority of successful and commercially damaging hacking attacks involve the exploitation of vulnerabilities present in bespoke applications. Development projects can overlook the importance of security when compared to the need for functionality and the achievement of deadlines. Asterion Solutions offers a range of services which can be seamlessly integrated with the development lifecycle to ensure project security. Our application audits can be used equally effectively as part of an annual security assessment program or as an aid to secure development.


IT security governance, risk management and compliance services

Asterion Solutions works hard to understand its clients business, the views, capabilities and ideas of its people, before recommending change to improve its process and technology. Business continuity programs, risk management, security, and compliance are just some areas where Asterion Solutions can help you provide measurable results to your company using most reliable standards (ISO, COBIT, RiskIT, ValIT).


Physical security services

Physical security is very much a “human” issue. Asterion Solutions can examine and enact visitor badge issuance and adherence measures; door access controls;CCTV Systems, lock configurations; and detection and monitoring mechanisms. We can evaluate and manage the placement and status of alarm systems; identify unsafe material-handling processes; and verify alarm functionality and visibility.


Asterion Solutions is a specialized Security and Networking company working in partnership with its clients to protect their business infrastructure from internal and external attacks. As a vendor independent firm Asterion Solutions provides impartial security advice in line with business requirements to give a measurable return to our clients.