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Physical security services

Secure your business.

Enhance your physical security plan with digital video surveillance and video analytics

Video surveillance can be complex, but necessary to protect your facility. You need a solution that enables you to increase the effectiveness of your existing video monitoring system while allowing you reduce the time needed to review and respond to footage.

Asterion Solutions Physical Security Services can help you enhance your existing video surveillance systems by integrating digital video surveillance and video analytics technologies with your network and IT systems. Our solutions leverage Asterion Solutions expertise and technology to help you increase the efficiency of your video surveillance system with a scalable, holistic security plan tailored specifically to your business and security objectives.

Our capabilities include helping you

Reduce losses from theft and enhance property safety
Monitor manufacturing processes to enhance quality management
Digitize and centralize video content for easy access and review
Asterion Solutions has extensive experience in providing end-to-end security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our security specialists address your individual needs to provide the solutions that best match your business goals. Our comprehensive approach leverages the services and technology that have gained IBM recognition as a security solutions thought leader.

What we offer

Command and control center solutions

Enhance your physical security with an integrated operations center

Digital video surveillance

Advance your physical security with a scalable digital video surveillance solution

Video analytics for physical security

Boost physical security and public safety with advanced video analytics

Asterion Solutions is a specialized Security and Networking company working in partnership with its clients to protect their business infrastructure from internal and external attacks. As a vendor independent firm Asterion Solutions provides impartial security advice in line with business requirements to give a measurable return to our clients.