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About Us

Secure your business.

Building long-term partnerships

Asterion Solutions believes in partnerships, local or more broadly, with organisations that share similar values.

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About Us

We are an IT consulting and services company providing Technology and Functional consultants to our clients and executing projects on a turn-key basis. We also provide consultancy and on-site support based services to our Clients in a subscription model.

We were established in 2011 in Belgium office from where we still operate.


Asterion Solutions is a young and dynamic company who has a comprehensive range of IT expertise and consultancy services that can deliver a real return on investment for your business:

  • We offer consultants who can translate complex technical risk into clear business terms providing practical recommendations - we understand the challenges facing business today
  • We understands that project plans do not always run to exact timescales, and that there are often unforeseeable events which affect the scheduling of a security test. We offer our clients complete flexibility with rescheduling, and do not impose fines and cancelation fees
  • We focus on quality of reporting, usability and thoroughness
  • We ensures that communications with customers are meaningful, consistent and valuable exceeding expectations at all times
  • We recognises that you like having consistency in the people you work with - new faces represent an un-welcome overhead
  • We appreciates that whilst the testing phase is important, the scoping and planning phases are of equal if not greater importance
  • We supports their customers on an ongoing basis building strong working partnerships with our clients

Internally, we are a team, bringing in vast experience from past companies, united to provide unparalleled value to our clients. Our company Values and our Code of Conduct are the basis for how we do business. Our Values establish standards of behavior for every employee at every level of our organization.

We currently provide services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from startups to multinational companies. We are actively engaged in Government projects, Telco and Financial institutions.

Asterion Solutions is a specialized Security and Networking company working in partnership with its clients to protect their business infrastructure from internal and external attacks. As a vendor independent firm Asterion Solutions provides impartial security advice in line with business requirements to give a measurable return to our clients.